2011.05::Onyx releases his ninth compilation "Emotionproof"
2008.10::Onyx moves to spinning entirely via mp3 (Traktor) and MIDI control (Hercules)
2008.07::After a long hiatus, Onyx releases his eigth compilation "Distance"
2005.07::Onyx releases his seventh compilation "Press | On"
2005.05::Onyx moves to mixing entirely via softwre
2005.06::Onyx releases his sixth compilation "Return"
2005.02::Onyx brings down the house at Misty's Birthday Blowout
2003.10::Onyx mixes thumping beats at Vato's Annual Halloween Bash
2003.08:: Onyx completes his fifth compilation "The Honey Disc", but it is never released
2003.07:: Onyx releases his fourth compilation "The Ku·No·Ichi Vow of Silence", a collection of non-vocal trance
2003.06::Onyx releases his third compilation "Dive", inspired by the short story
2002.10::Onyx blazes tracks at Vato's Annual Halloween Bash
2002.08::Onyx moves to Austin, TX
2002.07::Onyx begins producing tracks for the side project "Life Without Tiffany"
2002.07::Onyx releases his second compilation "A Night at the Orchid Bar"
2002.06::Onyx spins at The Orchid Bar in Dallas, TX
2002.05:: Onyx releases his first compilation "Just One Dance"
2002.04::Onyx is introduced to dual CDJs in Dallas, TX